Craving for more!

As people are trying to get back on their feet, following the havoc the dreaded COVID19 pandemic has wrecked. Paralysing businesses and thwarting families' sources of income. Beneficiaries of the kind gestures of this project wish it could last forever. Parents were making relentless contacts to know when such manner will fall again. Recounting the benefit, Mrs S.O, a mother of one of the children reached explained how the breakfast items distributed during the program activities was a timely intervention. This is because, there was nothing to give her child for a breakfast the succeeding morning of the program. "What a shame-shielding event"(she gladly said). We were glad to have wonderful testimony of how impactful our little kind gestures could be, meeting needs of our target beneficiaries in the face of limited resources. Oak Rural Health Organization couldn't have made people happy without your generous gift. We are grateful! Every little and big dollars given cheerfully to this project ensures a child has a nourishing breakfast on his/her table, and contributes to making them meaningful persons in life.